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Infidelity / Divorce 

Infidelity can have a significant impact on personal, social, and economic aspects of a relationship, and it is estimated that over 75% of investigations verify infidelity. We understand the sensitive nature of these cases. Infidelity in a relationship can cause personal, social, and economic impacts. This can involve issues with child custody, distribution of communal property and assets, and alimony. We respond quickly to obtain the necessary documentation and confidentially relay the information to our clients. We use flat hourly rates with no added expenses. 



Our experienced staff has tens of thousands of hours of surveillance experience in difficult situations. We are skilled at all levels of surveillance and use state-of-the-art equipment. Our success rate is high, and we prioritize discretion in all our investigations. We document all information obtained through surveillance and provide our clients with detailed reports as soon as possible after completing the assignment.


Child Custody Investigations 

In the case of divorce or separation, a child custody investigation uncovers what the child's experience is like with either the custodial or noncustodial parent. Our discreet investigative techniques may reveal child neglect, abuse, parental alcoholism, or drug abuse. We docuiment all evidence in detailed reports complete with photographic and video evidence.


GPS Tracking Services

We offer GPS tracking services with flat weekly rates that include installation, monitoring, and daily reports. We maintain strict confidentiality and provide our clients with a detailed report containing all addresses visited, including start and stop times.


Alimony Reduction

We use our years of experience and proven techniques to legally resolve issues related to alimony payments.

Our team gathers surveillance documentation to prove any violations of judgments.

Workers' Compensation / Personal Injury 

With an estimated $32 billion as a low estimate and likely more than $300 billion per year in fraud, new investigative techniques can help mitigate the damage. Our team has tens of thousands of hours of experience in surveillance and research, and we follow industry standards to ensure high success rates and quality investigative results. We provide detailed reports and evidence to support claims investigations related to workers' compensation and personal injury cases.


Skip tracing/Locates/Missing Persons

We use a variety of techniques to locate debtors, missing relatives, defendants in court cases, and others.

Our methods include database research, records and courthouse searches, witness interviews, surveillance, and physical area searches.

We guarantee all locates.


Claims Investigations 

Our experienced investigators conduct thorough claims investigations using industry standards and best practices.

We provide recorded statements, detailed reports, and photographic and video evidence to support our findings.

We determine whether claims are factual or fraudulent and document all information according to requirements.


Insurance Fraud 

Our team includes investigators with previous experience in the insurance industry, which gives us unique insight into detecting and preventing fraud.

We conduct investigations to determine if false claims are being submitted, and we document all findings based on industry standards.


Interviews and Recorded Statements 

Our skilled investigators use effective interviewing techniques to gather the information needed for investigations.

We have conducted thousands of interviews and have the experience to obtain accurate and reliable information.


Process Service 

Our agency ensures that individuals are informed of court actions by delivering legal documents in person.

We use surveillance, skip tracing, and other techniques to complete even the most difficult serves promptly.


Counter Surveillance and Bug Detection / Sweeps 

Our trained investigators conduct full sweeps of residences, businesses, and vehicles to locate wireless eavesdropping, video monitoring, and GPS tracking devices.

This service protects your privacy by uncovering any devices that may be used to monitor your activities without your knowledge or consent.


Civil Investigations 

Our investigators use a range of techniques to gather the information and evidence needed for a civil trial. These may include surveillance, background checks, interviewing witnesses, and other methods such as document analysis or computer forensics. We will work with you to determine the best approach based on the specific details of your case.


Background/Criminal/Pre-Employment Investigations 

Our investigators offer flat-rate background and criminal searches, including address history, court history, criminal history, motor vehicle records, previous liens, social media profiles, and more. We can also conduct pre-employment investigations to help ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of potential employees.


Domestic Investigations

Our domestic investigation services can help protect your family from fraud, theft, and other criminal activity. We use a variety of techniques, including surveillance, background and database searches, criminal records searches, personal networking searches, and interviews, to gather information about individuals who may pose a risk to you or your loved ones.


General Investigation Services

We conduct all investigations based on your particular investigative needs. Our experience allows us to assist, understand, and provide a customized investigative plan.





We believe that everyone deserves high-quality investigative services, whether their needs are personal or professional. That's why we offer free and confidential consultations and advice to all potential clients. Our approach is to make the investigation process as easy as possible. We offer streamlined intake, clear communication, and flexible scheduling to ensure that our services fit. Contact us for a free consultation and learn how we can help with all of your investigative needs.


We provide a confidential and thorough investigative service, working closely with you and your attorney to ensure the best possible outcome. We meticulously document all investigation material and present it in detailed reports, including photographic, video, and audio evidence if required. Our investigators adhere to industry-specific standards giving you the peace of mind that comes with working with trusted professionals.



Licensed by the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies.​

Copus Investigations, LLC  License #PDC002380

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